« There’s no business like shoe business! »

We love Shoes

The craft of shoemaking is in our family. Our employees also have a strong connection to the KangaROOS and flip*flop brands. Our products can be found on almost every desk and pair of feet – proof that we love what we do!

The Hummel&Hummel factory harks back to the craft of shoemaking. It’s a great privilege to have the factory in our hometown, and to be able to carry on the tradition of our family and the region.

We believe in making the highest-quality shoes. That’s why we cooperate with well-known companies and invest in the quality of all our products. Consistent high quality is guaranteed by outside service providers and our employees. What goes for our products also goes for work conditions at our headquarters and production facilities. We believe that a good work environment makes for good products.

« There can be no future without the past: converting historic properties we leave their past tangible. »

Bringing history to life

Our real estate projects focus on converting historic properties rich in tradition, some under landmark protection. We carry out these renovations with a great respect for history. Old buildings tell stories. We preserve the original elements as much as possible so that the past is still tangible. At the same time, our modern renovations make it so the buildings can be used in the future and give them new life.

Our headquarters are located in Neuffer am Park. This industrial monument was built in 1894 and is one of the leading addresses in Rhineland-Palatinate with its cultural program and rental space. It is is a shining example of innovation and the region’s future. Bernd Hummel purchased the empty shoe factory in 1990 and began renovations with the construction of his own office space.

In 1997, the company purchased and began renovating the Weisse Kaserne in Zweibrücken bei Pirmasens, a landmark protected military area from 1892 with impressive historical significance.

The P-Town-Lofts, located in the former Salamander shoe factory, now serve as exclusive residential space and an innovative showcase in Pirmasens. Mayor Dr. Matheis called the project a „prime example of a successful redevelopment.“

Our commitment to arts and culture

We support arts and culture because we love it. Our employees and visitors appreciate this passion, and culture lovers are regular visitors to Neuffer am Park.

Shortly after moving our company into the Neuffer am Park premises, we began to host art exhibitions. All art exhibitions were sponsored by Bernd Hummel Holding and affiliated companies, and organized by our skilled employees. The exhibition space provided an exciting environment for art, and the modern art enlivens the historic building.

An ongoing series of high-quality exhibitions began in 1994 with an A. R. Penck show. Jörg Immendorf, Markus Lüppertz, Elvira Bach, James Rizzi, Heinz Mack, Gunter Sachs and many other renowned artists have exhibited at Neuffer am Park and attended the openings.

Art lover Bernd D. Hummel has close business and manufacturing ties to Asia, which led to an interest in Asian art and exhibitions of modern Asian artists in Pirmasens. The exhibition „Der Rest der Welt“ (The Rest of the World), opened by Minister President Wolfgang Clement in 2003, was an early look at young artists who became internationally known.

In 2004, Nigel Kennedy kicked off the Palatia Jazz Series, a series of open-air concerts at Neuffer am Park. World-renowned jazz artists such as Klaus Doldinger, Omara Portuondo (Buena Vista Social Club), Chick Corea, Juliette Greco and more have performed in Pirmasens.

The concert series Fabrikmusik has been held in Neuffer am Park since 2002. Concerts with local and German artists are presented in conjunction with the cantor of the Pirmasens protestant church.

A series of architecture lectures were conceived with the Stuttgart architect Günter Leonhardt. Renowned architects speak about their projects. For example, Herzog de Meuron gave a presentation on the construction of the Hanover Expo.